How can I get my parents to like my boyfriend again?

So we dated for 6 months, and my parents loved him. He is sweet respectful, caring, and has a good head on his shoulders and my parents saw that in him.

As most relationships go, you have your bad times, we got into a pretty big fight resulting into a break up. Nothing serious like cheating, just some differences we had and needed time to ourselves to work out. Well we were not together for about 2 months and even tho the break up was mutual I was obviously still devastated by it, and my parents saw that I was depressed all the time and just not myself, making them strongly dislike my ex.

Well as time passed we both worked out our issues and realized how miserable we were without one another and decided since we both love each other and we both truly want to make it work then we would try again. I haven't told my parents yet because I know how big of a deal it's going to be. My ex said he would do anything to make them be okay with it as long as he got to be with me. He is very willing to apologize about everything(even tho I think he doesn't have to, he wants to out of respect)

Is there any thing I can do or say to my parents that will make this situation any easier, and make them not hate my boyfriend? I really really care about him a lot, but having my parents approval also means a lot to me. HELP! any advice and opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys :)


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  • I understand exactly what you're going through...I'm going through the same thing with my mom. I broke up with my boyfriend after a big fight, then we talked it out and I decided to give it another shot and work things out. The damage was already done though in my mom's eyes. She loved him before all this happened, but now I feel like she thinks I'm making a mistake and he isn't good enough for me.

    As much as it feels great to have your parent's approval, they have to remember that, ultimately, it's your life. Reassure them that you're an adult and are looking out for yourself and doing what you feel is best in the situation.

    Time always helps, too.

    • Thanks this helps a lot! I know they are not going to accept him back right away with open arms, but I'm hoping one day soon they'll see how much happier I am with him, and they'll be happy for me too. Thanks again, it's nice to hear from someone else going through the same thing!

    • No problem at all! I'm glad I could help. It makes me feel better, too, knowing that I'm not the only one.

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  • Simply talk it out with your parents.

    Or if that won't work, take the risk and let your boyfriend talk to your parents.

  • Just give it time. When they see how happy he makes you, they'll come around.


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  • Maybe he can sit down and talk with your parents and tell them how much he cares about you. Your parents would be able to voice any concerns that they have at that time and he could put them at ease. He seems like he would be willing to talk to them based on what you wrote.

    I understand the desire to want to please your parents. Good luck!


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