Boyfriend moving in with married couple who are about to have there 2nd child.

He said I gotta be more grown up and proactive but don't worry ill always make time for you but I feel like he is moving out his moms and moving on without me and he just moved today. He said it was going to complicate things between us for a while b.c he doesn't want anybody over I've never met his friend and his wife we have only been 2gether for 3 months . every time he goes over there is hangs up on me Because he is drinking he is rude to me and ignores me sometimes. I don't want to say it but they are not a good influence on him or ther child. I don't know what to do or what to feel.


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  • You're better off moving on from him.

    It's clear that he's just taking you for granted.

    If you can't leave him, simply distance yourself. Let him work the relationship out.


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  • He doesn't truly care about u.. if he did he wouldn't treat you like a part time girlfriend. If he is openly addmitting to the fact that there are going to be complications between you 2, that shows he's not ready for the real thing.. he just wants to do his own thing and he could quite possibly be even hiding something from you judging from the fact that he hangs up when you call and is rude to u. Does he tell you what he's doing while he's over there or when he hangs up on you?


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