Should I leave him alone and let him go? Should I move on? Why won't he talk to me? :/

My guy friend and I talk everyday constantly. The only time we don't talk is when he's in school and he always calls me right after. We watch movies together over the phone and we go to sleep together on the phone. I've never talked to a guy so much in my life but we haven't hung out yet so it's good to keep contact with him over the phone. I know it sounds stupid but we both enjoy it! Especially when we play a game of zombies together or some domination ;) That is pretty much everyday. Alright, so recently we started having phone sex. It's always great and he tells me he enjoys it a lot. I feel like it brings us closer to each other so I make sure we do it everyday, not just to satisfy me but him as well. A few days ago I told him all we talk about is sex and we haven't had phone sex since three days after I told him that. I only said it cause it seems like that's all he thinks about, but I do encourage him to think about it sometimes by sending him attractive pictures. Ever since then our conversations have been boring and not spontaneous at all. Even my mood has changed since we haven't done anything. Did I mention he's a virgin and wants to wait til marriage? So don't think all he wants is sex and that's why he's been acting different. I've know him since I was fifteen so that's definitely not the reason. I think the reason is because I stopped being so flirty to avoid sexual conversations. Yeah it's def. me! Okay so getting the point, today I told him I think we should take some space from each other cause you've been acting different. He got so angry and hungup. I tried to call back and explain to him that it's not the fact he's been acting different, its the fact that he doesn't seem interested anymore. So I figured if we took some space his feelings would start coming back they way they were before. He won't talk to me though, he's ignored every phone call and text. I'm really hurt considering I'm used to talking to him everyday. I'm not sure what to do or think. I feel like I've lost him. Should I just leave him alone? BTW: we have dated for a few weeks in the past and I have met him in person before he lives in my area.This is not an internet relationship! Haa Thanks guys, hope to get some responses :)


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  • So, would you be willing to say that 90% of your interactions involve technological communication? Such as Xbox, texting, calling, online chatting etc?

    If the above is true, it may not be an internet relationship, but I would classify it as an "electronic" relationship. Think about it...if you take away your phone, computer, game console, etc., exactly how much would you communicate with him?

    I would imagine one of two things. One: he's either incredibly confused by you and has no idea what he wants. I can't imagine being involved with someone that I can only text or call, but if that's his thing, to each their own.

    Two, its possible that since you kind of exposed him to the idea of sex, he might be looking for something more "in person" if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that's true, but its a possibility.

    I'll be honest and say you're in a lose lose situation. If you stop talking to him, since its not an "in person" relationship, you can pretty much ensure that he won't come back around. On the other hand, if you do continuously pursue him, you can pretty much ensure you'll chase him away. Your best bet is to contact him once, tell him the 100% truth of how you feel, and then whatever happens happens.

    Based on how you talk, you're calling him a guy friend which means you have nothing to lose except a fried. I'm assuming you never see each other because of distance, and as you must know, for any relationship to survive, that distance is eventually gonna have to shrink.

    That's my assessment...good luck.

    • Well, if I didn't have my phone, ps3, etc. then we would not have any communication. We're both in high school still and neither one of us drives so we can't really see each other. The reason why haven't hung out is because I am self conscious and afraid he may not like me. So the meeting in person again thing is partly my fault. He's only ten to fifteen miles away from me so distance isn't a problem. It's just I haven't really made effort to hangout with him in person.

    • Well then, I don't even really think you have a friendship. You more or less have a technological pen pal. If you want to save your friendship (and potential relationship), your only shot is meeting him. You only live once, and more importantly you're only a kid once. Take a chance. At the very least, it will be a learning curve to help you with your future prince charming (who I'm willing to bet is not your zombies buddy).

    • I think we should meet, if he ever talks to me again /: The thing is.. we tell each other we love each other and we talk about dating and how he likes me more than a friend.. So what do you call that?

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  • Yes, it's the best idea if you distance yourself from him, and let him work the relationship out.

    After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  • I won't answer your calls but he will most likly read a text if you send one explaining, why is it you don't meet up if you are from the same area?

    • sorry meant he won't answer*

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    • Maby you should text him saying you would like to meet up, maby send him a sexy pic or a text. if that doesn't work then give him space for a week with no contact

    • I already send him sexy pics. Maybe he just giving me what I wanted.. space /: I'm such an idiot, I def. don't want that..

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  • ya I would just give him some space and wait for him to come around..

  • Tell him how you feel.


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