Guys. What are your thoughts on drama queens?

I was just wondering what guys thought of girls who are drama queens?

I 'had' to ex friends who were like that. After a while I could not stand their attitudes and ended up ending friendships because of it.

Always notice how these personality types are afraid to be alone as well. They always have to have someone around them. Especially a boyfriend. They always seem to find someone so quick after their last relationship. Roll eyes.

Makes me wonder what type of guy likes being with girls like that?


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  • It must be that the girl has a very nice personality behind it, and she also have some great social skills.

    Though, I don't like to be with those girls. Not meant to be offensive, but I really like to have a laid back and relaxed attitude where I can maximize my happiness with my girl.

    • LoL how you guys say that. Not sure whether to believe that! I am exactly like that yet still manage to have the worst luck with guys. Shrugs.

  • LOL yea..NO SANE GUY likes that. Too much drama to deal with unless you're addicted to the drama/lifestyle.

    You're right about drama queens being afraid of being alone. I knew quite a few drama queens and heard some crazy stories. They love the clubbing lifestyles. Crazy egos, personalities, catty/bitchy stuffs, boyfriend stealers, fights, blowouts, sex anyone up (lol!), unwanted pregnancies, douche bags, etc. It's all related and connected together. Sames goes with the people. It gets UGLY and you'll get sucked into the madness no matter how hard to try to stay away because you'll get pulled/forced into taking sides and stuff.

    I cut myself from that cancer a long time ago because it's too stressful and MESSED UP. Some of the girls are gorgeous but it's NOT worth it. Normal people don't do these nutty stuff to other people.

    • Ha ha. Well the last so called friend I cut off. Her current boyfriend is gorgeous and seems to love her. Shrugs.

      Wonder if he would be so into her if he knew that she was still living with her ex while they were just dating. Roll eyes. But I stay out of stuff like that. It does not involve me! It just baffles me that they are able to get away with things like that!

      While I am completely the opposite. Have my head screwed on straight yet I am still single. Roll eyes. It's annoying. LoL.

    • yeeeeeea well...people are cray these days...and I feel your pain...I ask myself the same question too...yea. annoying. XP

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