My ex got back with me, now won't call me his girlfriend...

I've been with this guy for three years. We're best friends at the least, soul-mates at the most? But seriously, we have something special, I know that. We broke up because we were having trouble communicating, but just couldn't stay apart. We were engaged, no longer. Now I know we are in some kind of relationship, but he refuses to call me his girlfriend. He says the word is not strong enough to describe what we have. But for me, when he says I'm not his girlfriend, I feel hurt and threatened. I know he would never cheat, but I feel like not defining the relationship leaves it open to that. And what's worse, it makes me like less than a person, like I have to hide my relationship when I really want to celebrate how happy I am with him. I know it is not his intention to hurt me, but I really feel hurt by this. I talked to him about it and clearly expressed how I feel, but he has made up his mind not to use terms like boyfriend/girlfriend or even admit we're in a relationship or going out. I love him a lot and I would never leave, but it makes me nervous that he would choose semantics over my feelings.

I'm just looking for some advice or comments.


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  • he is using you, wether you believe it or not, this is the bottom line, basicaly, you will do until something better comes along, then he can dump you and use the excuse of, "we were not going out anyway remember" so its up to you, realize your being taken for a fool, or accept he is using you and move on.x


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