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My child's mom left me, we do not get along. The ex is dating and I do not see how I will ever be able to move on with the child support payments and visitation schedule. How do I meet someone, how in the world did she already meet someone? Is there any hope and how unattractive is a single dad who has to pay child support? I am in good shape, have a good job but it seems the way things are, you almost have to choose to be a good father or move on with other relationships.


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  • Honestly, your whining about child support in this questions annoys the crap out of me. I would never, ever want to date a single dad who acts like he's a victim because he has to pay child support. And are you concerned that your visitation schedule is going to interfere with dating? Please tell me you aren't concerned that spending time with your child is going to get in the way of dating some chick you haven't even met yet.

    I have a kid. As a single mom, I prefer dating guys with kids because they "get" it. They "get" the time constraints and other obstacles having a child brings into dating. But I'd never be interested in dating a man who acted like a victim because of his parental obligations.

    • You are right, I feel like a martyr, while the ex is out getting banged by some other dude. I feel constantly guilty when I am off and do not have her, just completely empty. So you would understand a guy is broke because he has to pay child support?

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    • Its been almost 13 months, I know how I should feel but with lawyers involved everything is ruthless, I mean, I never did anything wrong, she left me because I worked too much, she loved the money, but now she wants more money and to date other people?She made the decision to be a single parent, why do I have to pay and be separated from my child? The best thing for the child is a home with a mother and father, this is what I wanted and worked my ass off to provide, this woman wants a new penis?

    • You can't make her be with you, but you don't have to give up your kid. If you have your child for approximately half the overnights in the year, you would be paying very little, if any, child support and you'd have more time with your kid

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