Will she come back? She says she wants to be alone right now..

I will try to keep this as short as possible. So me and this girl got to know each other in school about a year ago and went out together to a party but nothing happened afterwards: she was distant and ignored me so I thought she wasn't interested and moved on.

Now a year later I had a small conversation with her at a party ( she tells me she ignored me because she was shy , etc personal issues) and I thought I'd try again and see where it would lead us. After some time of chatting and stuff she made a suggestion to go and have something eat during lunch break ( school) with 2 other friends of her. The day before I ask her if it's still on and she says she's too shy with new people.

Still I didn't give up and I asked her again to do something in the vacation. It was on Valentine's and my mom brought us and her parents brought me back. The first date was very good to be honest, we hit it off really well and there was a natural chemistry.

After this we made arrangements for a second date at her house and after a long night we had our first kiss and it was everything I wanted it to be , it was all perfect.

Another week passes and we go out together at a party where things got very intimate and I was very happy to honest, things couldn't go any better.

The day after the party she came to my house too to get to know my mom a bit better and it was again very romantic , all good.

Now the week after that ( this week) she is having a bit of a hard time : bad grades, mad at mom+ stepdad , etc and I can sense that she is not that happy at all, still I try to cheer her up and give her advises.

Then Thursday she sends me a text saying she wanted to tell me something after school but I had already gone home... I knew immediately that something was wrong so I call her and she tells me basically that right now she wants to be alone and is not ready for a relationship... She also tells me that she doesn't want to hurt me and that I'm a very sweet guy and that it has nothing to do with me. She says that she doesn't even know herself why she wants to be alone..

After two days of thinking about it a bit I tell her on Facebook that I don't really understand the whole situation because everything was going so well and that all seemed perfect... She replies the same as bfr and says that she realized that she doesn't want anybody right now but that she didn't know this beforehand, she wanted to try but eventually it didn't work for her.

Right now I'm a bit confused and I'm not too sure where we stand, I know it's over but is there any chance that she will come back to me? The relationship hasn't been that long yet but I really have strng feelings for her and I don't want to lose her..

extra info:

- she puts herself down a lot saying she isn't good in anything

- no contact with her real dad in a while

- was 2 years single before she was with me

- after break up uploads a picture on Facebook with a video link to a song that is about giving love a second chanc


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  • Sounds like right now all she really needs is a good friend. She sounds like she's really down on herself and needs time to think. If you stay by her side, help her through her tough times, I'm sure she'll see how awesome you are and want to continue the relationship LATER. After she sorts out all these problems that are spiraling in her mind right now.

    • Yeah that makes sense but I have not made clear to her yet that I'm okay with us being friends, I would like to but right now It's a bit too early for me... Should I contact her and ask her how she's doing and stuff? I see her in school walking around and we made eye contact today , it was very hard for me to look at her... I don't think I'm ready yet to just be friends and casually talk in real, texting isn't a problem but I feel like I should leave her alone for a while and give her space?

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    • So far you're doing everything right (: trust me, if she wants you back she'll come looking for you. Being her friend is all you can do right now. I hope it all works out in your favor!

    • I see, thanks for the advice and we'll see how it goes I guess :)!

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