Talking to a mad ex girlfriend or let her cool off?

The question is pretty simple,should I wait for her to do the first step and talk to me or should I talk to her?We have broken up for a while and she is trying to make me jealous to get a reaction from me,most of the times,i ignore it till I fed up and tell her to stop.The last time I was rude at her about her behaivior and I tried to apologize with a sweet message,her reply wasn't nice,it was mean and seemed really angry.This fight was 8 days ago,since then she is avoiding me as much as she can.What do you think?
I need to add that we have a really strong emotional connection,even thou we fight,she also said that we can't be friends and stuff like that and indeed we can't be friends cause we aren't over the relationship yet


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  • Keep distance, and let her do the first step.

    Don't be tempted to do the first step since it will be throwing charcoals to the fire.

    • Thanks for the answer! :)

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