Confused and broken, need some advice

Long story short - We broke up a few months ago, decided to be "friends", during our "friendship" we both were getting jealous of each other hanging out with other people. The reason for breaking up was that "maybe I am not ready to settle down". I know what we were doing was not healthy and for the past week I have not been comunnicating with him much. He messaged me recently saying that I was being negative. I told him how is that possible if I have not spoke to him in nearly a week and half. One thing lead to another and I found myself back to being the helpless jealous ex girlfriend. not good, not good at all. We left on the note of him saying that we needed a break from each other for a while. I agreed.

We had a pretty good relationship before we broke up. The only reason he gave me was that he did not know what he had to accomplish in his life before settling down and comitting.

I feel so lost without him. We have not met since our breakup. Its getting so bad that I have dreams of just hugging or hanging out with him.

Should I request him to meet one last time? all the breaking up we have done has been via Skype, phonecalls, texts. Or is this a bad idea?

Also I suggested to delete him from Skype. and he got very offended and asked me not to.

One hand I want to move on but on the other he is all I think about. :'(
To make it clear -- the reason for breaking up was him saying that he was not ready to settle down, not me.
I meant to say that I suggested to delete him from Facebook, not Skype


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  • That was a really bad idea if you break up through means of social media or technology devices.

    Meet up with him, and have a good closure. If the two of you cannot really spend so much time far away from each other, perhaps this meeting of yours can do you a great favor into turning things around.


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