Boyfriend's ex-girlfriend...Would you be concerned about this?

I've been with my boyfriend for six months. Before we dated, he was with his ex for 6 years and they've been broken up for about a year. So, the other night I was sleeping over and I thought I was looking at my phone, but It was my bf's (we have the same phone.) I was reading the texts and I saw one from his ex-gf and she asked him if he wanted to get a beer and catch up. He said yes, so I'm assuming they went out. I know that she has a new boyfriend now, and I don't think my boyfriend would cheat. But, he never even mentioned this to me. Do you think I should be concerned?


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  • I think as long as he's proven himself trustworthy so far, and he didn't text her anything like "I want to kiss you again so bad," it seems pretty harmless. That being said, if you're concerned about it, you should bring it up with him. Make it clear that seeing the text was an innocent mistake, rather than malicious snooping, but that you're not entirely comfortable with the idea of them meeting up or the fact that he didn't mention it. If he's a good guy, he'll find a way to reassure you - which could include not going if it will upset you. If not, he may get very defensive and upset about it. But if you're uncomfortable, I wouldn't sacrifice your feelings for the sake of avoiding conflict.


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  • No, he's a grown man he can do what he wants when he wants.


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  • 1: Just because he has agreed, does not mean they have gone out yet.

    2: Are you the type to spaz over this? If it is truly two old friends catching up for him, he might not mention it till after.

  • I would only be really concerned if I knew for a fact that they did go out and he never mentioned it to me. But in your situation, he could have said yes to her but not followed through with it, right?


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