Boyfriend moved in with married couple 2 days ago we haven't talked much help!

My boyfriend of 3 months moved in with a married couple 2 days ago and when he says he promises to call me back he NEVER DOES! I don't like him being over there b.c all 3 of them get drunk and he gets very rude and sometimes hangs up on me when I confront him about it. It is said Scorpios don't mean what they say and can be very moody and he is. HERE'S THE TWIST! the couple he moved in with are HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

We broke up about a month ago he said he needed time apart I was expecting he wouldn't want me back BUT I WAS WRONG HE BEGGED ME BACK! HE SAID I WAS AMAZING AND THAT HE FELT LIKE SH*T FOR WHAT HE DID TO ME & HE WOULDN'T DO IT AGAIN. Fast forward he is still online talking to girls saying he is single I confronted him he changed his account to not single not looking for a relationship. I don't want to give up on this guy I see the potential in him but I'm not going to stand around & let him keep hurting me so should I distance myself hang out with another guy as a friend and let him work the relationship out?


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  • Yes, that's the best thing to do now. Distancing yourself and let him work the relationship out.

    It's like he's just taking you for granted.


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