Girls, would you be willing to leave a guy you really like if you are not sure about his feelings toward you?

I never talk about my feelings and emotions without being kinda "forced" to it.

So there's this girl I really like, we've been dating for some time, and our feelings for each other were getting stronger every time we saw each other. But I guess some things happened and I guess she started to get confused about my feelings toward her. She wanted to break up and stop seeing me.

Then I talked to her, opened and told how I feel about her, and now she's back.

But I'm confused, because this girl really liked me, and out of nowhere she started talking about breaking up.

Girls, can you shed some light on this?


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  • How long would you go out with someone who didn't reciprocate?

    That's basically the question you're asking here. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone where they question if the person likes them or not. That's just miserable. You care about her, she doesn't see evidence of that (through words or actions), so she thinks you don't (or she's tired of wondering about it). It's like speaking to an Indian in Portuguese & expecting them to understand what you're saying just because you do.

    Only you know how you feel. Being able to communicate that affection in a way the other person understands it is key in a relationship.


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  • Why would anyone keep going out with someone who doesn't seem into them?

    you move on and find someone who is

  • Actions speaks louder than words

  • After a while yes


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