I found out he cheated, what do I do?

My boyfriend said he was getting bored at home without the car and nothing to do so he took the ours last 20$ and went to the bar.came home late really drunk,started fighting with me telling me to get out and everything making me afraid of cops showing up I had my sister come get me for the nite.while visiting with my new nephew he kept harassing me texting and calling accusing me of being a whore cheating on him.I went as far as to take a pic of where I was for proof altho I've never cheated on him before and he knows it.then today my old best friend that he cheated on me withwhen we first got together 5 years ago sends me a message saying she's sorry and wants to be my friend and told me my man sent her a message.the night we got in a fight..i kinda knew it..i just don't know how to go about this he keeps saying I'm acting weird,i haven't told him I know yet...help?: //
I waited all day to confront him about it.he kept denying it until I showed him I had proof.he then snapped and got so mad he said it was retarded but then kept halfway blaming it on me because I left him the other.nite..bcuz he was freaking out.he was throwing things and screaming so I had my sis come and get me.when he found.out I texted her he started threatening to slash her tires and freak out to go to jail.he wouldn't let me leave and pushed me down every time I tried.he broke the.front door
Threatened to kill himself and that if I left I just don't love him..i had to jump out of the window to get out..i ran down the road and hopped in my sisters car..his mom I guess picked him up and brought him to his sisters house..i said our relationship is toxic if he doesn't get some help or real medication and he said that's out of the question but he loves me...god what do I do,its gonna kill me having to go to my first house we had together getting all my stuff after 5 long years..help?:((


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