Is there anyone else on this doing no contact after break-up?

I broke up with my ex 2 months ago. He didn't appreciate me, so I left. Has it ever worked for anyone? I don't want him to beg for us to get back together or anything like that.. I would just like for him to realize he let a good girlfriend go..


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  • I wish I was. Can't seem to go more than 2 weeks of NC with my ex, one of us always seems to crack. Its obvious we both still care for each other, I want her back in fact, but I don't know where her heads at these days. We talked a lot just before she broke up with her new boyfriend, but since the breakup it seems like she's been avoiding me. Wish I could do the NC thing, but it's difficult when you live in the same dorm building and share the same friend group. But NC really is the best thing, for a while at least. Gives both of you some time to heal, to work through your emotions, to figure sh*t out. If your end goal is to make him realize what he's missing, best thing I can think of is to just cut contact for a while, work on yourself, get some new clothes, maybe workout, and find someone else. I've been on the receiving end of this and let me tell you it hurts like hell and it does make one realize what they're missing.

    • Who broke up with who? How long were ye together?

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    • That sucks.. The longest you have gone is 2 weeks? It was really hard for me as we spoke all day during our relationship. I started by counting the days that I got through, and before I knew it, I was 8 weeks! Maybe if you tell her that you would feel better if she didn't contact you anymore, that shows her that you are in control of your life. It easy if she knows that she can have you when ever she wants.. You have to become a challenge. She will then wonder, maybe he is not into me anymore?

    • Yeah might have been 3 weeks at some point, but we decided to remain friends after the breakup and even during her new relationship. I jokingly say were kind of half-addicted to each other since we can't go very long without contact and we had that summer f***buddy's thing. I tried being a challenge but, I don't know things are just in a very weird spot right now. She's single now, I want her back, and I feel like she knows it lol. No idea what to do. If I wait shell get snatched up by some guy...again

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  • I currently am. Been almost two weeks now. It still hurts a bit, but I find that NC is working. I never realized how much time and effort I was putting into someone who didn't treat me with dignity. What is important is how well you're moving on with your life. tbh I don't think a couple of weeks is not enough to give up thinking about a person. I feel it could take months or even years.

    in the mean time learn from the experience shared and better yourself. Use the "no contact" to give yourself space to heal. do not go digging up the past. Go hangout with your girlfriends, treat yourself, have fun. Show him what he missed out on.

    • I remember that feeling of hurt. It does get easier :) . How long were ye together?

  • just started doing it on my first week since the official break up. she says she needs time to figure things out, focus on school, etc... she fed me the "if you love something let it go, if its meant to be itll come bak" bit... I find that to b a bunch of bs. likewise I want her to realize that she let a good thing go. she admitted that she's never had a guy treat her as good as me but she's not over her ex and has abandonment issues.

    ive been working on improving myself because if she ever tries to contact me to see if she made the right choice, I want her to regret it for the rest of her life. she had my unconditional love in the palm of her hands and she threw it away like an unwanted piece of trash. in all honesty if she thinks shell find someone better than me, I wudnt want her bak at all.

    • I'm sorry to hear that :( were ye arguing much? She might realize it when it's too late and you have moved on

    • i mean we argued like every couple out there... we always made up in a day or 2... this is the first time this situation has ever hppnd, that's why I'm so shocked and feel so betrayed.

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  • I'm on the no contact boat too. Haven't talked to him in almost 3 weeks I think.

    Its hard because I wish he would one day just wake up and realize how good we could have been, but I refuse to contact him and tell him that.

    Don't give in and talk to him. Just let it go and move on. If you contact him, he'll have the satisfaction of knowing he's still on your mind and that you like him, even if you don't.

    • How long were ye together? It's being so long now that I don't see the point in contacting him. I don't know how I would feel though if I seen him

  • Yup NC, it sucks but I'm not caving anymore. Moving on. I feel the same as you, wish he would realize what he let go. Good luck

    • Did you break up with him?

    • No he broke up with me, said we want different futures, but we both know that we have feelings for each other and that we might be good together which makes it hard.

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