Ex boyfriends and hoes!

Okay so my ex and I were close and we have always been that way. We just can't be "just friends." I mean he has a new girlfriend who came between us awhile back when me and him were together, and well now they are together. He cheated her on the very first day and he kept cheating on her with me.

I mean I find it kinda funny in a way because he told me so many lies about her. Well I decided to walk away from the madness. But before I did that I got pissed at him because he kept telling me he loves me and blah blah blah and I told him he needs to choose because its not fair to both of us...even if I don't like the girl.

Anyway he chose her, so I did what she did to me and messaged her. I was nice about it too I wasn't a bitch. But she responded, and let me tell you she asked for it. So I kinda told her he cheated her more than once with me. Next thing you know he calls me bitching at me and how I should go die and this and that.

I know it should of hurt me and made me sad...but honestly it didn't. I mean should it?

Now we don't talk at all, and I can honestly say I'm fine with it, even though he was my best friend and the one person I can go to with anything. Should I feel guilty about what I did? I mean I don't think I should.

She is so stupid for staying with him though, and its not my problem, they both deserve each other.


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  • You really need to break up with your ex, and not to do a thing with him again. It's clear that he's just holding you around as a hookup.


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  • I think the guy is just a jerk and you and the other girl should just move on. From what I can tell, he was just playing you both and I think you should not have told her what you did with him, but I agree with you that she is not smart for staying with him.


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