I don't want to start doubting my trust in him. I'm confused any advice?

My boyfriend And I have been dating for a year . He's my first boyfriend. My boyfriend and his family planned a family trip for the weekend with some of their family friends . I was invited , until his mom told me about a mix up and I could no longer attend .. Turns out some of the family friends included my Bf's ex and her family (their families are still close he told me that before we started dating).. I didn't find this out until after the trip and my boyfriends sister told me because she said she felt guilty , and that her and her mom thought it would be best if I didn't go to avoid awkwardness being that my boyfriend and his ex were high school sweethearts.. I guess my boyfriend just agreed with it .. But I can't help but feel sad and out of the loop .. My boyfriend or his mom don't know that I know .. Should I ask my boyfriend about it or leave it be ? I know he'd never cheat but I wish he would have just told me... Paranoia is setting in and I don't want to start doubting my trust in him.. Any advice?


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  • I can understand how you feel, and at the same time how he feels about the situation. He probably felt he was in catch 22 situation, if he invited you with his ex their you would get jealous, and maybe problems would arise.

    I don't think him and his mum were set out in hurting you deliberately, they probably just thought it would be best that you didn't come, because him and his ex go way back and were high school sweethearts, and didn't want his current girlfriend causing any problems, if they were to arise. I am not saying they would think that, but sometimes we don't how certain situation will plan out, even with the best intentions.

    I would of probably done the same thing in his position, cause it would of made me extremely uncomfortable you watching me spending time with my ex catching up with things, I would be wondering if you be starting to get jealous of her, and cause fight afterward.

    At the end of the day, do you trust him or not. if you don't trust him, then sorry there is no point carrying with the relationship, no matter you love him. trust is the foundation of the relationship, without trust, the relationship is doomed anyway.


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  • Just leave it be. His mom is really an understanding one, because she doesn't want to create awkwardness and any conflicts to arise.


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  • I understand you and would feel so betrayed... I guess you telling his mom you know could get a better ending than you talking to him about it...

    Anyway you should tell someone, maybe both of them.

    This is uncool. What does it make of you? You've nothing to do with their breakup and the fact that you got kicked out of the family plan makes it like they don't want the other family to even know about you... This is unfair to you. It is the way I see it at least.

    • I have no ideas what to say.. Plus I don't want to throw his siter under the bus for telling me .. I'm wondering if I should just ask my boyfriend who went on the trip again to see if he'd tell me ... I'm just afraid he'd leave that part out ...

    • He may...think about you too... How you feel and what kind of output you want this situation to have.

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