What's wrong with this guy?

There's this coworker I have. Before he and I started talking, he used to sneak little glimpses of me and I noticed it. I realized he was cute and initiated conversation by asking him a random question. Ever since then, he and I have never stopped talking to each other. We realized we had a few things in common. We'd hang out during our breaks.

There were small things I noticed like him trying to grab my attention by doing stupid things or staring at me for so long it became actually awkward. He also would get into my personal space a lot. Like whenever I talked he leaned in really close or sat/stood next to me so close we'd be touching. At first he mentioned he was single and he made it a point to mention it towards me. However I didn't hop into things quick because I didn't want to rush things.

A little awhile later, a friend mentioned to me how he just got back with his ex-girlfriend. Things were a little bit different between us when he first got back together with her. Like he became a little distant. But later on, things went back to how they used to be (the flirting, etc). Now he seems to rub his girlfriend in my face at times or make me jealous talking to other girls but gets mad when I talk to other guys.

So what's wrong with this guy, does he wanna be friends or more? I tried to keep things platonic at first (out of respect for his girl), but sometimes he makes it hard.


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  • He really does want to be friends with you.

    Also, his attitude is that he just want you to lay your eyes on him and to nobody else.

    Enjoy your single life. Ignore him and find a better guy for yourself.


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  • He clearly wants your attention. And he's trying to break the touch barrier. But he's to shy to ask you out. Try inviting him to a party or ask him to hang out with you.


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  • Sounds to me like he wants his cake and eat it too! Find someone that will make you a priority...not just an option!


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