Ladies I need your advice on my current situation

Got into a big argument with the girl I like. we were close friends. we aren't talking right now but we make the occasional eye contact across our place of work and hold it for a second, not an angry look but a blank stare almost puppy dog. What does it mean when she makes eye contact with me? Sometimes it is even eye to eye contact. I drunk texted(everything was spelled right and nothing bad was said in the text) her a couple nights ago asking to bury the hatchet and haven't heard anything back. The next day when I saw her was when I started getting the blank stare looks and she holds grudges awhile and its been two weeks. I already apologized in person and tried explaining myself in text the next day but I was told I was being annoying and to leave her alone(the argument happened two weeks ago and I apologized right away)

ps I have a picture of us happy together how should I use it to my advantage? and we just got out of another break from an argument very similiar to this one and she came back after two months. I know I have to leave her alone but the fact that she gives me these looks and kept my mom as a friend on Facebook that she has met once gives me hope. I deleted her out of rage so she blocked me but kept my mother.


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  • I think the looks are just out of anger or annoyance. Even though you two aren't friends anymore, you work together so I assume its hard to avoid you, which makes it inevitable to miss you. If you say it takes her a long time to get over things then give her time. Don't seem to clingy though, she may be playing on your emotions. Personally, this doesn't seem healthy if you care this much about her and she's keeps stringing you along like this, but if you really care then you just have to wait it our. Good luck! She seems tough lol

    • im staying far away I even deleted her out of rage on social networks... Sadly I'm the clingly type and she has called me out for annoying her. I buried myself in this hole lol. I know she needs more time about a month longer before I even try to talk anything to her.

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  • You've apologized already. Just leave her alone, if she comes back, great. If not, you'll have to move on.
    Must have been a big fight...
    She probably will come back, some girls just want space after they've been pissed off.

    • now when I see her I catch the occassional blank stare but now she just avoids all eye contact especially when I'm near

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    • I will guage the situation either Friday or Saturday when I see her a simple hello(insert her name) can't hurt too much but it can help a lot I will be able to tell from her reaction and work from there

    • Sounds like you got it covered. Keep us updated.

  • Simply talk it out with her. Bring her gifts to calm her feelings down.

    Also, take her out to lunch. If she says that you're annoying her, just continue talking with her. Compliment her a lot.


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