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I'm so hurt and emotionally stressed. I've been knowing my ex for 8 years we started off as friends he always told me he had a crush on me since the first time he met me when we was only friends I never looked at him that way because he is 6 years younger then me but as he got older and we started to talk more my feelings start to change for him. We begin to hang out more and eventually started to date we was on and off because it was something new. In the back of mind I knew that we may ruined a good friendship so I always would want to break it off but we would end up back together because he would always come back and I would fall right back into it. Now this year it seems as if the table has turned he told me last night that he's trying to figure out what type of "man" he wants to become which sounded really weird to me he made it sound as if he is confused about his sexuality. He has became really distant and I'm really confused and hurt by this whole situation. Everyone seems to side with him every time I tell someone about my situation like I'm the one that is wrong and I'm like what about my feelings. It's not about taking sides but it's just not fair to be treated this way when you've done nothing to deserve it.
He also said he feels like there is to much that comes with a relationship to many questions and answers you have to give he said sometimes he doesn't feel like talking having to answer a lot of questions which I don't do that at all. I'm far from the possessive girlfriend because I actually have a life outside of my relationships my life doesn't just resolve around my boyfriend so I definitely didn't get were that came from. It's just like everything has completely change his feelings for me


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  • Sounds like his immaturity is starting to really show. And he may be questioning his sexuality. Time to move on.


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  • RUN! sounds like figuring out what kind of man he wants to become is really him wanted to date other girls and still have you in his life to come back to.


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