Breaking up and money involves.

If you found out your boyfriend have another woman and he have 17000.00 dollars for you. what will you do?

will it be vindictive if you ask for your money?

what will happen to the relationship?
he have 17000.00 grand for me which he borrowed over time.
to date I have been asking for my money still nothing, it have been a over month,

he wanted me to continue like nothing happen, cause he will text me and tell me he wants to talk to me, yet all he wants when I get there is talk on nothing serious, and wants to throw love pebbles at me. another time he tells me meet him outside went and he wants to play up with my hair.

all the time I am angry about what happen and he can be this cool.


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  • I don't see how it is vindictive for you to ask, if he knew it was money you only lent to him.

    To avoid problems I like to have a handwritten contract before I let anyone borrow any large sums of money.

    Cash can bring out the ugly in some people, and you have to protect yourself even though you love this man.

    It's not ,Iike he is your husband or family member where you can give the benefit of the doubt (and even in some families problems do occur).

    It's your money, ask for it.

    If he refuses to pay just take from this and never lend money to someone like that again.

    If you choose to do have it written in paper that this is a loan and he will pay you back in x amount of time.

    • And also, he would no longer be my boyfriend if he has another woman.

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  • Why wouldhe have to pay you just because he has another woman? You're not married, and while sometimes courts will treat a girlfriend like a wife, in general, you have no right to a reward just for being a girl friend!

    No wonder there are so many gays these days!

    • you misunderstood my question, he owed me 17000.00 dollars that he borrowed, wouldn't you want your money?

    • Ohhhhhh.. Well that's different. Yes, I'd want my money, and with interest! Fair is fair and now we're only about business...

    • Best Answer, no?

  • What the hell are you on about? Did you loan him $17,000 and want to be paid back or he just has $17,000 in his bank and you think you are entitled to it because he's sleeping with some other woman? Please tell me it's the first case, because if it's the second you deserved to be cheated on.

    • its the first case, he have no under 500 dollars in his bank, and he expects me to give him time, all he is saying he will pay me back, I was abiding with him cause he don't have the means, we were in a relationship, now he is telling me think hard about it cause if I want my money now that will mean the end of our relationship, but situation have change drastically.

    • Well then you'll have to take him to court and get a judgement against him so that it is legal and you get paid back over time on some sort of agreement. He can't pay you this second, so just demanding a $17,000 loan in full isn't going go anywhere. I hope you have some sort of documentation of loaning him the money and/or an agreement that you can use in case it comes to that.

  • That's disgusting.

  • you should break up with him and I don't see why he would give you money for no reason


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  • It's interesting how all the guys' answers are really antagonistic and either straight up writing the Asker off as an entitled gold digger or at least consider it the primary possibility. Bitter, guys? That stereotyping attitude isn't doing you any favors.

    It's obvious English may not be the Asker's first language & that more details are necessary. Why not ask before throwing offensive comments around (or at least keep your answers neutral)?

    Asker: You'll probably have to take him to court to get your money back if he doesn't agree to pay you back on his honor. I hope there's a paper trail (because if he denies it was a loan, you'll have a lot of trouble proving that you lent it to him). Should that happen, it'll be a hassle, but you should get a good portion of your $17,000 back (minus court costs). I hope it works out .

  • get my money and leave?

    • Sorry little k, your gonna have to work for it...*turns the music on and the lights down low*

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    • Well, I figured after alittle *?%~| |%?!, %|??^> >>>> >* I would totally keep the money but not little k. God, didn't know you distrusted me, that kinda hurts my feelings...but money's more important, so you are the weakest link...

    • lol I have to sue you now...

  • Been there done that. I lent him money during the course of one year, at the end it was around $ 10,000. I decided to break up with him, since he was cheating on me. However, I voluntarely gave him the money so I was not going to asked him for it. I decided to let it go, since my mental peace is worthier than any amount of money. Now, it has been a couple of years after and we kept a not so close friendship, but he always reminds me that he owes me money that he hasn´t forgotten. I haven´t got a peny back, but I have peace and that is what counts. Money is money, and you will get it back at some point, but your peace is unique.

    • the situation is now I am told by persons that he told them me and he had no relationship, and now I need my Money to for health check up cause I had cancer, and I didn't give him all that money, he stole it from me. in all the 17000.00 only 1300.00 dollars I lent him. and my thing is if he had no relationship with me why shouldn't I get back my money and stuff. I think in court that will be false pretending. so I wil be able to get back what I put in.

    • In that case, if he stole it from you, that is a different thing. You should get it back, specially it your health is involved. He is being abusive and is taking advantage of you as his couple. If you need it, you need it. Just make sure you keep your peace, this might affect your health. Right now, the priority is you and you alone.

  • You need to specify where this money came from and why he owes it to you. It's impossible to answer your question without that info.

    • Unless you have some form of proof that the money is actually yours, you probably don't stand much of a chance unless he's willing to pay you back. This is why I always say: don't give money to people unless you're fine with not getting it back.

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