How much do you care that your family likes your boyfriend

our relationship wasn't a 10 I give it a 7. we had our ups and downs. he has his bad behavior . I guess I have my ways 2.Thing is I still have strong feelings for him. I miss him. I think about him when I wake up and when I'm going to sleep. He didn't always treat my right. Is it so wrong that I want him back knowing the chance is very small that he wil change. God I love him! No love is perfect... Even rihanna and chris are back together. Only thing that is holding me back is that I my family is against it. even when its a bad decision.. I want to do it I am a grown woman.


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  • Sometimes your family is right but you also have to make your own decisions whether they turn out good or bad, you need to experience things for yourself. I would say to take a chance if you really love believe you love him, at least if things don't work out you'll know that you tried instead of wondering later on when its too late. I hope it turns out good and that your family will understand.


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