Are these the signs?

I had a dream that my ex called me up just casually to talk because she was bored and I told her its kinda weird coming from you and we just had a normal conversation.

I always used to dream about my ex in situations like where I can see her or she's always laughing or we're back together or she's kind of flirting with me.

Its been about 2 weeks since I dreamt about her and I don't really feel all that bad that I dreamt about her.

Thoughts about her come very rarely these days but even when they do they go away as quickly as they came. I don't want her in my life, I don't want her back and I don't hold a grudge against her either. Sometimes, I get this sick feeling in my gut when I think about her because I really loved her but I don't really care about her anymore at all! I do things to take my mind off and improve myself as a person.

are these signs that I'm moving on? or am I still clinging on?

I know I'm not over her completely but do you think I'm at least almost there?


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  • I believe your moving on. Don't worry about seeing your ex in your dreams. If all you did was talk to your ex in your dream that's probably a sign that your ready to be friends but nothing more.


What Guys Said 1

  • dude through deep experience in this dream thing , what you are facing is just a psychological condition and it's being expressed to you by your dreams , you need her and you want her back and I know and you know you can't live without her :) . admit it and do your best to be the one she wants and try to get her back.


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