Am I being childish by avoiding a place two of my ex's hang out at?

I was seeing a guy for two months casually. Neither one of us wanted a relationship. I met him in a sports bar his family owns. He ask me out and we met there the next week. I went to this bar to see him during the course of our fling. My ex husband that I loath started hanging out there and my guy friend would let me know if he was there and I would not come until he left. Well, our fling recently ended because he was seeing another girl and lied about it. We weren't in a committed relationship; therefore, he didn't need to lie. I ended it and stopped going to the bar. One of his friends that I had become friends with wanted to hang out and invited me to another bar. I was late getting there, so he left. My other friend convinced me to go to the sports bar. She also said I should speak to my ex fling. I did and then turned around to notice he was there with the girl that he claimed not to being seeing while we were hooking up. Anyway our mutual friends want to hang out and I tell them I am going to the other bars in town. I don't bring up this sports bar but I know that's their hangout. We all went out the other day and one of the guys commented that they all came to this particular bar for me. Then proceeded to tell me that I need to get over it. I said yes I do and will eventually. Then I thought about it, if I'm going to be unconformable somewhere, why should I go? I risk running into my ex husband every time I went to this sports bar. Now the fling is serious with this girl and they're together at the bar all the time. So, not being around people I don't want to be around makes look childish? I mean the guys never ask me to go to the sports bar, just ask if I am getting out and where. So, am I wrong here?


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  • Simple answer is don't go if you don't want to, I don't go to places where ex's will be as it is always going to be on my mind that they may turn up and make an awkward scene, they have done that before. If you want to go well that is your choice but why go somewhere if you will feel uncomfortable the whole time you are there.

    • thank you...

    • You're welcome, your health and state of mind can be stressed if you regularly go somewhere where you can run into ex's. You are important and need to put yourself first.

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