Me and my babymother (ex?); are really at odds and we are in a dangerous situation. what should I do?

I have mentioned this before ; we are living with her babydaddy (boyfriend), I am really mentally and emotionally confused and tired. as well I am think I am having a nervous breakdown ; in addition things have gotten worse between us. Recently. her babydaddy (Mitch) had admitted to me that he has hit her on numerous occasions, not to mention that she has found out that he has been married and he still is. Also, he has been cheating on her almost this whole time. And he has consistantly lied to her and has denied that was married. She also tells me that she loves me and that she is focused on her daughter ; she is using meth and she is currently trying to get her newborn back from c.p.s custody which is mainly what she needs to do. Me and her are still having sex and etc. She has told me that she is just trying to get her daughter back but is mainly running behind Mitch, they are constantly arguing about nonsense and I am always having to break it up. She has also treated me like I do not exist and /or that she doesn't even care /love me anymore. Whej I am mention how I am feel she doesn't either answer or makes excuses to talk to me or she avoids me totally. Last night she randomly tells me in front of her cousin and Mitch that she decides to be with Mitch in spite of him still being married and etc. I am cannot beleive that after fourteen years, that we have been together; she has done this to me. I have no other family out here in Arizona . I feel embarrassed, hurt, confused and alone. I am very scared and they also keep telling me various things that never come to fruition such as they are going to help me out and etc. I overhear them talking about me behind my back and etc. She also says that she needs more proof before she decides to leave but when she gets it. She never follows through; I am want to say how I feel to her but I can't do not know how. She knows that I still love her so much and that I am still loving her and I feel that the both of them are using me. I really just want this to end. Either she is going to be with him or me ; or no one. And I am am cool and content with either, honestly. I am feel like I am going to be homeless or get in to trouble or something like that(jail,prison and etc.) I am realyl tired and scared ; I am need advise and help. what should I do?


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  • Yo babies mamma be frontin soon at you walk through da door, acting like you ain't f***in with that bitch no more.


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