Please help with this confusing exgirlfriend

My ex girlfriend played mind games and strung me along for 2 years I finally called it quits and ignored her and she realized what she lost so she took me back! I couldn't believe it we stayed together 4 months! she told me she loved me she even took me to he family and parents and they always liked me and then all the sudden she left me for someone else she posted on face book I finally found the 'one'...I'm so confused I though I was the 'one'...what kind of a woman is this? We're both 30 by the way...I appreciate everyone's opinions...and how can she love me only for for months and move on to another guy?


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  • Please don't take this the wrong way but she was using were prob always there for her would do anything for her and she knew that. When you finally made the decision to dump her and ignored her she prob felt lonely and wanted you back because this time around you were making the decision to dump her it wasn't her controlling the relationship and stringing you along like always.. You sound like a good guy and you should never feel sad especially for someone like that who would only remember you when she's alone.. You'll do better without her you'll see :)


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she's just holding you around as something like an insurance in case if her relationship with the guy will fail. You're better off without her. Cut off her completely from your life.


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