Devastated...........girlfriend of 6 months was playing me

Basically I loved and trusted this girl with all my heart and turns out she faked the whole thing. I thought she loved me unconditionally and was faithful. But couldn't be farther from the truth, she probably cheated more times than I can count and I didint even realize she was. There was no signs of that or that she was using me. Before I dated her, I was a strong happy confident guy. Now, I feel like I've been brought to me knees. she's destroyed me and I'm trying to figure how to get back up from this.I have never been this screwed over in my life, I don't even know how to handle this. All this great stuff I thought about her and just to find out all this sh*t and the end and for her to laugh in my face and say, "Haha you got played bitch" too much to swallow or wrap my head around. What would drive someone to do something this cruel? Not just cruel, sick. Is she getting back at men for bad past relationships where she got used?

I mean I treated her so well and I really really cared about her. I wouldve never done anything to hurt her. Wtf... and its like she waited till I got close to her and fell in love with her to turn around and pull this. So, this is far beyond just a disappointed, she affected beyond my deepest level of emotions. If feel like I can't ever trust anyone again. And I'm a guy, this sh*t isn't supposed to be happening to me, but it is. This is a major hit to my ego and confidence. What she did is like psychological torture. Now, waking up in the middle of the night having nightmares about this or ill lay awake all night trying to sort myself out. My emotions are all jumbled up and nothing really makes sense. Its almost PTSD like, which I did have for a short period when I came back from Iraq. Has anybody gone through this? I mean break ups are bad enough, but I mean a break up plus this? Its a lot. And I got through PTSD through sheer will power and talking to others that had it and together we got through it without any outside help. But on this I'm in the minority. I'm confident ill get through it, but its just that I'm really suffering right now and probably will be for awhile. I hate admitting that she affected me this much but she did. Girls, please tell me most girls aren't like this? I'm one of the few good guys left out there, I can't believe she did this to me.


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  • There are plenty of female players out there. I have ran into my fair share of them. That is why you have to be careful. This is something that is unfortunately very common. So you are not alone. A lot of men and women, understand what you are going through.

    • Yeah but in the past I've caught people playing me and got out of it before it got to this point. Not this time. This girl was good. And she seemed so genuine. What scares me so much is she was able to do that to me. I thought I had a keen sense of people and if theyre lying to me , not serious, etc etc... there were no warning signs with this girl. She made it feel real as real can be. Its a scary thought. Yeah there's female players, but at least most I can pick up on there game.

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  • I'm honestly tearing up right now reading this.

    I promise you not all girls are like this but unfortunately a lot are.

    I know how you feel being one of the few good ones left. People take advantage of us but we can't let it change us. It's going to hurt, and maybe it will always hurt just a little bit but we have to have faith that someday we will find someone who won't hurt us.

    • I won't let it change me. But, still its just affected me so much that I'm just in this very confused state. Like how do I protect myself from this? Like I can protect myself overseas in a hostile country, yet a girl that I love destroys my life. I am tryinf so hard to pull out of thid but keep falling back down. Thank you for the encouragement :)

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    • It doesn't mean you're not strong, it just means you have a heart.

    • And people say I have a big one. If guys screwing her over what she was upset about, well if she hadn't pulled this and stayed with me, she d be treated right and wouldn't be screwed over. All guys are not the same.There's good guys out there. I guess she sees all guys as the same. It makes me sick these women out there who say if he's a male I have no sympathy for him. Like girls do this stuff too.

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  • Yooo. She said that to you? That's crazy. That's really crazy. At that point, there is only you can do. Play it off like you don't care either way. Get a better girl, or get with one of her better looking friends. If she cheated on you multiple times, she's a smut. All you can do is brush it off and get another one. AND you were in Iraq? This like Jarhead! Screw her, she's a smut. Can't any emotion on her. That's really crazy. All girls aren't like that. But some are.

    • Yeah dude she did. This girl ain't normal. And yeah man I did serve

      I've been through a lot, saw a lot and dealt with a lot, yet a girl brings me down the most. I don't know maybe I was searching for something to make up for all the hard ship in the past, found it, and well she put my face in the dirt. I take life seriously now after what I've been through. Every f***ing minute is precious. When you have something good, you should hold on to it. People like this girl who take life for granted piss me off

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    • That's cool. You're the kind of guy most women claim to be looking for. So, you'll find one. Maybe start looking in churches.

    • Yeah. I'm just trying to find someone in between. I still sin. I drink, party, have a good time. And go out to bars and clubs. So, the church might not be the best idea. But, I don't want the trashy party girl either that's going to cheat on me. So, something in between the party girl and the church girl. Lol

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