How do I get my ex back?

We weren't together for long (3 months) but I want him back! We basically broke up because I went a bit crazy, we used to work together and when he went to work at another place things started to go downhill, it felt like he stopped putting in any effort. Anyway his phone got stolem and I didn't hear from him in longer than a week and I was fine with that until I heard from his friends that he had a new phone and he hadn't contacted me. I left him but now I feel dumb and I think the only reason I didn't here from him is because he is very busy at his new job and needed a bit of time alone ( I wish he had told me that though!) We've spoken once after we broke up and he told me he wasn't planning on leaving me and he still thinks I'm the coolest girlfriend he's ever had. I wanna know how I can get him back. Should I ignore him and wait until I bump into him again or should I tell him how I feel? He's a few years younger than me so I don't know if he actuallyts a girlfriend but I'm sure he still has feelings for me and he knows we were really good together.


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  • OK. Rule of thumb. If there is a will there is a way. Regardless if his phone got stolen, or he didn't pay the bill, or his dog ate it... There are other methods in today's world. Like using a friends or office or dare I say even a personal visit.

    No Contact=No Interest and dis respect. He most likely found another, sorry to put it blunt like this, but I believe most people should communicate how they feel so they do not leave the other in despair.

    Best thing, is to move on with your life and show how good you are to another who will appreciate you. Your better than that to wait for him to come back.

    Good Luck, Don't beat your self up over it. No one is worth that...

    And BTW - If he cared for you at all, he would have considered your feelings and just said he needs a break vs. no contact with that lame excuse..


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  • if he had just started a job and had tons of work it may have been stress and just didn't have the time/energy to contact you. a week is not a long time. on the other hand its a fantastic excuse to get out of a relationship if he wanted it to be over. if you really want to know and can stand the rejection ask him if he wants to do something. but don't be to surprised if he doesn't make the time I give it about a 30-40% chance he will get back together with you. but you never know.

  • Well you can ask him to get back with you...


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