Am I just too insecure?

My boyfriend still has pictures of his ex on his dresser and the other day he told me that she wants him to break up with me to get bak with her ...and today I checked his fone to see their conversation and it seemed like he deleted everything and just left one word. He told my best friend that he doesn't have a reason to cheat on me and he doesn't know why I can't trust him. ..I want to trust him but my trust doesn't come easily especially after my last two relationships.




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  • Yes you are insecure.

    Yes you overstepped by checking his phone. - That's grounds to be dumped right there.

    No, it's not his fault that your last 2 relationships were bad.

    The fact that he told you shows he's trust worthy. But you checking his phone? That's invasion of privacy. If it were me, I'd put you on time-out.

    • He checked my fone too before I even thought of checking his ...he went through pictures and every thing and I only checked his message because his ex said he made plans to go visit her

    • Both of you need to chill out with the snooping. You obviously don't trust each other. The relationship can't be saved.

  • Could be worse, he could have pictures of his ex who's a cross-dresser.


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  • you know what's going on... tell him to stp texting her and stop deleting sh*t. and tell her to stop textin him or come see you, her choice.

    • When I talk to him about it he say I shouldn't let stupid things get to me and I'm his wife so I should know where I stand

      But once I get tired of it imma stop showing him my soft side and ima put them bitches in their place

    • please put these bitches I'm their place. tryin to get him to leave you is probably the only thing they talk about. that's why they get deleted. and there's one or 2 reaons why he deletes them. 1. he entertains that sh*t. or 2. he don't want you to turn up on her

  • The photos serve no purpose. He shouldn't have them on his dresser when he's in a relationship with you. Let him know that you do have trust issues and he's gonna need to work on them with you. And as much as you want to look at his phone, you have to stop that.

    • He know I have trust issues and I told him he should think of taking the photos down and he said they were there before me so I shouldn't let it get to me and I only checked his message because I one day I was using his phone to listen to music and a message came in sayin good morning my love from his ex. And and my friend told me that his ex said he's making plans to go see her in Connecticut..So I thought to my self why would he tell her that and he lives all the way in bronx

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