Are you still attracted to an ex after you break up?

My ex left me 6 months ago. I was having fun hanging out and fooling around. But we were together for almost a year, and he started to feel stressed out (which I don't understand). He started to feel it was getting too committed, and he felt too young for it (he's 23). I was obviously mad at the breakup because it made no sense to me. I had to see him everyday at school, so I asked him to make sense of it a few too many times. At first, he still really loved me and was very patient...then he got really annoyed and said he has no feelings at all for me, and that I should move on :(

Nowdays he acts different towards me. Somedays he'll try to talk to me (but I give very short, polite responses), other days he doesn't even look at me or care about anything I have to say. I think he's reaaaaaally moved on and doesn't give a crap about me.

Anyway, I have not bothered him since and I have also moved on. But somedays, I still get really turned on by him. Even when I have to sit next to him during lunch, or I have to look at him when we are working on a project together, I feel like I want him in bed sooooooooooooo bad! Like I would give up anything just to fool around and hang out with him. This is even though its been 6 months since we broke up, and I don't want him back because he's too immature!

Does he get just as turned on by me? Or with a long, dragged out breakup, do you start hating the girl? How do feel physically about an ex after you break up with them?
Ps: he had a HUGE crush on me and chased me hard to get me to say yes to dating him. I was never attracted to him at first. Now I can't get the sex out of my head! It's the only thing stopping me from not giving a crap abouut him!


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  • It seems that he has now moved on from you, and kind of lose interest.

    He's really standing his ground about the break up.

    He won't hate you at all even if eons will pass.

    • He won't hate me?

    • Yes. There's no reason. Also, the break-up is not caused by misunderstanding or conflict.

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