What are the signs that a woman will cheat?

I've been single since October of 2012, and I want to start dating again. My problem is I have a problem trusting women, in fact I don't trust them at all. I want to know the signs that woman will cheat on me. I want to know so I can avoid her right off the bat. What are the signs a woman will cheat? I'm 23, single and in college.


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  • You should really look for what signs a woman is trustworthy, that way you're concentrating on the positive and not the negative. Looking for cheating signs is how paranoid, psycho boyfriends are born. Look for positive qualities and a trustworthy woman instead of constantly wondering if every one of them is a cheater.


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  • Why don't you trust women? You won't be able to find a person who you can completely be comfortable with until you address this problem. Has someone hurt you in the past? Have you had problems trusting other women you know (such as a friend, your mom, etc)? The fact is, that men and women are the same, just have different genitals. So frankly, it sounds like you just have trouble trusting people in general, and you've chosen women to project this problem on. I'm not saying that to be offensive, because I completely understand having a difficult time opening up to there people. But there will NEVER be a complete guarantee that someone wone cheat on you. You just have to trust them and take your chances. That's just how life goes. I wish I could offer you better advice, but it's the truth. If you prepare for the worst in the women that you date, you will get the worst out of them. It's people who don't have trusting commited relationships who cheat the most, so by trusting the women you date, you will be less likely to be cheated on. Just go into it with an open heart. Most people won't try and hurt you. If you aren't sure what started this oppinion on women, maybe talk to one of your friends who knows you well and have a discussion about it. Learning to overcome your fears can really help you learn to open up to new people. Good luck!

    • Women have cheated on me, and female friends have stolen from me. That's why I don't trust women.

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    • I'll take your advice, but just know that I don't like you either. You would probably screw me over as well so drop the nice woman facade.

    • I don't really need to suck up to a strange man on the internet for approval. I actually have an accurate understanding of gender relations and don't hate men, thanks. And beleive it or not, but the world doesn't evolve around you. I have meaningful relationships with men, and have no need to "screw anyone over". And I don't care much to make you one of them. But yes, I hope the advice helps.

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