Breaking the tough barrier? Hugging?

My crush and I both like each other(I just found out last week lol) anyways because our parents are friends, he usually comes over to my house with his little brother. We went bowling with my parents last week and for the touch barrier, all I've done was like a high five and maybe while we were walkin around at the bowling alley, a slight brush of the shoulder? I really badly want to hug him though, but I don't want to be creepy.. Should I hug him goodby the next time he comes over? Wait for him to hug me? Other (please explain) thanks!
Touch barrier* sorry!


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  • @rubbing your arm against him, That's a great start! That just sends that vibe down me when a girl I like does that to me. It totally starts to lead to more and more touching, and the chills that go down my body are just awesome! Not only that, I totally know that a girl is into me when she rubs her shoulder against me for about one second and then steps away from me with a smile on her face. I totally try to get back closer to her, so she will do it again.

    You should totally try to hug him goodbye if the opportunity arises. Just don't push it and come on to strong. If he likes you, he will definitely start to make his move and that first hug will feel like your skin is catching fire, and your heart is racing, and you got those massive butterflies in your stomach.

    Patient is key.

    Best of luck!


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  • A hello or goodbye hug is definitely the way to go. It's casual, and appropriate. I'd advise you go for it.

    No awkwardly inserted miscellaneous hugs though. There was a guy who was crushin' on me years ago who hugged me like three times as we passed in a hallway at school. Like, THREW himself at me practically. And I was like, "...alright then." But you seem like a smart lady who knows how to keep it cool :) Good luck!


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