When a good relationship ends - what to do?

What do you do when you know in your gut that your ex should never have ended it? We had a connection that is rare to find. But he broke up saying he is only 23, and felt too young and stressed out to keep getting serious. He said he wants to focus on school and enjoy his experiences before really committing to someone.

This reason was very difficult for me to accept because I am in the same school program, but I would have never ended what we had. We had to see each other every day at school after the breakup. He still really loved me for months after it and would patiently be there for me when I cried and asked about the breakup. Then he started to get really annoyed and frustrated, and told me things are getting too complicated, and he will never date me again. I have left him alone ever since.

Nowdays, he tries to either talk to me (and I reply very shortly), or he ignores me and treats me like the last person in the world he would ever want to interact with. I mostly ignore him too. All our chemistry is gone, and only left with awkward bitterness. Maybe its for the best..because if we both put our walls down, we will fall back into our old patterns.

It is bothering me so much that we ruined a good thing and things will never be the same again. He has completely moved on and very happy with his life. I just feel frustrated that he did this to us! I don't find a match like us everyday. No one ever thought we would break up.

Anyone been in a similar situation? How do I get over this? Is he done with me for the rest of his life? Pls help.


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  • Sadly I have been in a similar situation and I like him is 23 years old. I met a girl and I can't honestly say I was deeply in love but one day she broke my heart and said she felt the need to find herself again and all that bullsh*t. Which, tbh is not fair... What you need to think, is if things were so good between you why would he end them.. There is an underlying reason to everything, every action someone makes there is a root to the issue... In my situ people were telling me it is because there is probably someone else in the picture. I was like no its not, I know what she does, I'm always with her etc. But in the end it was. She never told me, she was a coward, probably like him.

    Breakups are probs one of the hardest things your ever have to go through but they will shape you into the person you are today. I am not over my ex but I know I need to focus on myself and get on with my life. He's not crying over you, he's move on. I never thought I would break up, I generally thought she was my soul mate... Its sooooooo rubbish that things like this happen. But ultimately do you want to be with someone that doesn't want to be with you that's what you need to think. I personally would cut contact however hard that will be. He is loving the fact that your still thinking and messaging him. He has made his decision, you know what you need to do.

    Focus on yourself x


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  • Yes, it can be that he's over you for good now. You should start distancing yourself from him.

    Thinking a lot of him will do you no good. Simply find a guy who'll stay committed to you, and won't break up with shallow reasons as because he's just too young.


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  • just because YOU didn't think it should end doesn't mean the other person didn't...


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