Could what he said imply that he's been violent to girls in the past?

I met a guy in a summer group that lasted for 3 weeks. In the first week he had a crush on one girl, in the second week he liked another girl. They were briefly together then on the last day of the third week he said she had told him to f*** off and so he stopped talking to her and put her in his past. he told me he had fallen for me so I gave him a chance. Soon later when we were on the phone, he was casually telling me about how he's been in trouble in the past eg he had a fight with a guy and the guy fell down the stairs and almost died, but he said they were both friends. He also said that if he was the same person he used to be he probably would have hit the girl who told him to f*** off. I asked him how he would have treated me, and he said he would have treated me like an object.

He said he had changed and that he had a strong respect for women because his mum died giving birth to him and because he's seen what his sisters went through. He later told me about his violence in more detail and said he put his sister's abusive boyfriend in hospital and was arrested for aggrevated assault. He said he thinks it's always wrong to hit a woman and I said that even though I think in most cases eg domestic abuse, hitting a woman is wrong in some cases the woman may deserve to be hit eg if she killed her husband's family member in a really horrible way or something and then her husband punched her out of anger or hurt.

A few weeks later I saw he wrote a Facebook status saying 'hitting a woman makes you a coward' and he later said that he hates violence, even though during the time I've known him he's still been kind of violent in situations where he tried to walk way but they other people wouldn't let him so he felt he had no choice but to fight back. He did tell me one incidence where he got punched in the eye but he didn't fight back and instead called out for help, but then he's told me he had a burst of rage at me (over text) when I said something that upset him. With what he said about how he would have probably hit that girl and would have treated me like an object, even though he didn't say he has been violent to girls, could that have been an implication that he was, as he said he had girlfriends even when he was involved with violence, and he's said that girls he's been involved with in the past tried to get people to beat him up?


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  • Ok there is nothing wrong with fighting a guy.I am a werewolf and I am so violent it hurts.I cannot be a pacifist.I want you hate violence now.I put my best friend in the hospital for a week and almost killed him cause he went after my ex.this guy seems to be ok.give him a chance.but be careful.I know he will protect violence has gotten out of hand and I can't control myself.that's why I can be seen as a monster.he is trying hard trust me.look deep inside you'll see he is fighting his violence

  • im pretty sure if he's good looking you're going to say yes anyway


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