Guys why would you want to get back together with someone?

My boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago. he said he wasn't at the right stage of his life to have a dedicated relationship.

Well last week he called and asked if we could meet. We did and turns out he has been doing very well financially. Good for him but then he was like "I've been thinking, I think a grew up a lot and I don't want to push you into anything but if you want to I'd like to gibe us another chance"

What? Where did that come from? Sure he got a little bit older but how much can you really grow in half a year? I just don't get what changed so that he suddenly wants to be with me?


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  • Time can really change people.

    He's actually giving you the option of letting him come back to you again.

    He's actually a great person for doing that. He doesn't force you into anything.


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