How do I get my ex to leave his girlfriend

I really want my ex back, we dated for 18 months and we've been broken up for around a year and a half. We hadn't talked since but now were messing around again. How do I "entice" him to leave his girlfriend for me?


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  • Sweetie, gotta say you broke up with this guy for a reason and now he's cheating. Sorry to say that it's not because he finds you irresistible, it's because he doesn't really have any respect for his new girlfriend and he doesn't NEED to have any respect for YOU because he gets what he wants. If you get this guy back you'll have made a bad bargain. He may not be a bad guy, but he is a selfish, self-interested guy who isn't ready to date the girl of his dreams, or, he hasn't met her yet. He is not your dream guy. I'm more worried about you and why you think you need to settle for such intense yet ultimately fake affection. You can do better, you can be better and you don't need this guy half so much as a good talking to from your best friend who should be telling you how wonderful and unique you are. Everyone is unique and there is someone out there who just can't wait to absorb your particular brand of unique. Get out there and find him and don't waste any more time on this lost cause!


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  • There's really nothing you can do to make him break up with his girlfriend. Simply make yourself available once he broke up with her since that ups your chances of being with him.


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  • Don't. If y'all were meant to be together, they won't work out on their own. How would you like it if it was the other way around?


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