Feel sh*tty about myself after this break up. Help?

I hate myself right now. I've been broken up for 3 weeks and I realize the mistakes I made in my relationship. Granted she made a lot too and it's my first relationship. But I always jumped to the conclusions that she wanted to break up when we fought. But also I stood my ground. I just miss the relationship so much and don't know how to handle it. She pretty much stopped trying to fix it and said things weren't the same anymore. Help?
We haven't talked to each other since the break up. She sent a friend to get her stuff without me even knowing. We broke up once before but she texted me the day after


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  • My boyfriend broke up with me last night. And I'm trying to avoid him because I was hurt. I didn't even answer his last message just for him to feel that I will be fine without him, but I'm not. Try to talk to her in person and say all the things that you want. Girls just try to ignore when they were hurt. She probably didn't get her things by herself because she knew you will notice that she is hurt. Just tell her why did you break up with her, because when guys want days break or break up were thinking that you're flirting with girls and stuff while we don't talk and just wants us back because you guys don't have a choice.

    • She brought up to me that she was uncertain about the relationship and things weren't the same. I didn't want to break up

    • If it was me.. If I was I in a relationship and love the other person that means I still love them love doesn't disappear maybe she's uncertain but there nothing uncertain about love as cheesy as that sounds .. If there's something that needs to be said in your part if you feel you have to say something it's a process to recovery you know don't leave with what if.. If she doesn't feel the same than OK say to yourself that you need to move on but don't leave with words unsaid

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  • I would try to move on. She is doing the best thing by not communicating with you and not seeing you. Best medicine for heartache is time. Try doing things for yourself and keep yourself as busy as possible. Do things with your friends and family. You could always find a new hobby or working out always helps! Things will get better, believe me. I (along with millions of other people) have been through this manny times.

  • How do you feel about her? You said you miss the relationship, but do you miss her? I say talk to her, you have nothing to lose. If you like her still, talk to her and see if she likes you. If she does, make your move and work to keep your relationship strong. If she doesn't, then be civil with her so there's no awkwardness.

    • I miss her to death. But my friend told me there was zero chance it would work. I'm just wondering if she's struggling the way I am..

    • Well if she had her friend get her stuff, or hadn't tried to get in contact with you then I think its time to move on.

  • Talk to her tell her to talk in person invite her to dinner open up your feelings if its not mutual than at least you tried at least you told her what was in your heart and them you can truly move on. It hurts a lot at first but you have to try to make it for yourself and try to get over it. But if you feel that strongly for her tell her the only thing she can say is that she doesn't feel the same . By the way I'm going through the same thing at the moment and it's so hard so I get what you mean

    • I don't think that'll work. She hasn't talked to me, looked awkward when she saw me at the gym, and sent her friend to get her stuff she left at my apt. I didn't even know her friend took it! I just saw it wasn't there when I was cleaning up. So she doesn't even want to see me

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