I wait for him to make the first move? Is he even interested?

I have known this guy for almost three years now. He knows me inside and out and vice versa. We can communicate with just looks, that's how close we are. I have come to see him in a different light now that I have grown up a little more. We are always partners in our classes and I when we aren't, he gets upset at the guys I am with. There had been another girl, but he stopped talking to her like a potential lover when he saw how I could possibly 'move on' (keep him in the friend zone).

I catch him staring at me all of the time...Even when I'm eating! He seems to know when I feel upset about something and him just saying some makes me smile. I feel as though when I do these things for him he really appreciates it as well...We are also able to tell each other when the other is wrong and we don't get angry at each other for that. I think we are both humble as well as level headed.

He also notices things about me and comments on them. I have a body image issue and when I admitted it, he listened and then said I had a good body. He didn't exaggerate or say anything mean. Nor did it come off as sexual.

Now, I feel as though I am attractive to him because I have done a couple things that could be considered sexual to him such as blowing on his neck or playing with his hair. We are very comfortable with each other and I often lean on him and he allows it and goes even further as to adjust his body to I can be comfy.

Now while all of these signs scream "HE LOVES YOU!", he has never had a girlfriend before and always USED to say he didn't have time for one. That doesn't seem to be his answer anymore when he has been asked if he wanted a girlfriend. But I am still unsure and I don't want to ruin our friendship by confronting him on it. Should I wait for him to make the first move? Is he even interested?


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  • He's really interested in you. The way you spend time with each other, and things that most couple do, and how he really likes you as a person, he's really interested in you.

    Perhaps, the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend before makes it hard for him to push things to being official since he doesn't know how to make the move.

    Simply make the first move and see where it will go.

    • Thanks, I just might do that!

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