Any reason why all of a sudden he wants to be official?

This guy and I were met through a mutual friend during Christmas break and were friends for a little while. Not much later we started flirting and hanging out just the two of us. We went on some dates for about two months but were never had that conversation saying we were official. We talked and decided to stay just friends however nothing really changed because we still liked each other and he will still kiss me. A few weeks ago I found out that he and my ex met through a mutual friend and hang out together, not knowing the connection. My ex and I had a really bad breakup and a rough, confusing relationship since. Since the two guys are friends now it makes me wonder how similar they are. Like I didn't even know he smoked until my ex told me. And there's no way I'm going through all the same crap again just with another guy. So I've been distancing myself. However, ever since he started hanging out with my ex he's started calling me 'babe' more, says he want to meet up when we are in PCB for Spring Break, has been more touchy feely, and mentions me being his girlfriend. Do I pursue or keep my guard up? Why is he finally acting like this now? I'm just confused.


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  • If you feel really comfortable with him and really wants him to be your boyfriend, accept him.

    It seems that your ex gave him the "go signal" to pursue you, that's why he got more aggressive in pursuing you, and wants to make things official which he's harboring for a long time.


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