My boyfriend broke up with me. What should I do?

My boyfriend and I fought a lot lately because I get jealous and with the things that he does. Last night we fought again and I wanna break up and he said if you're waiting for me to break up I wont. Then we fixed things but when he woke up he's saying like he wanna break up and partly don't want to. He said that he will just keep on hurting me with the things that he does. At first he said that maybe we wouldn't just talk for a while like he always do. But I said that every time we do that it just make things worse that if he really wanna break up just do it. Then he said it. He said he's too tired of our fights. I didn't answer anymore. Now I wanna know what should I do if he goes back to me? Because after some days he will surely come back. It happened a lot of time before he want a break and days we wouldn't talk and he will come back. Help pls!
He bought a watch for me and showed it to me via Skype like 2 days ago since I was away from him at this moment, he was planning to send it to me. I go to check the ebay seller where he bought my watch and its sold already means he still has the watch and not returning it. I also searched if someone selling the same watch in ebay because he might just sell it but no, there's nothing like my watch. So I was thinking maybe he still hasn't decided yet with breaking up with me totally because he has
continuation: he has the watch that he bought for me. I mean if he really want me to be totally out of his life and never wanna get back with me he should have return the watch or just sell it. Anyway I don't know since were just 17hrs broke up


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  • Simply find a better guy. He's only up for a lot of fights, and it seems that he's boyfriend "nature" is already gone. It's clear that he already lost interest in you.

    • my question is should I still accept him back? because he does this when we always fight he need days that we wouldn't talk and then contact me again. what should I do when he startes talking to me again should I just ignore him?

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    • You will get a messy relationship again, have a bad break up, and have a lots of tiring fights that will take toll on your health, which will shorten your life, and will make you older causing you to be unattractive.

    • Is there any other way to solve our relationship? like if he wanna get back with me ill tell him some agreements like he shouldn't do stuff and all that

  • get a new boyfriend.

    • seriously

    • ok you talked me into. I'll be your boyfriend... I love you.

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