Has seeing your ex bf/gf/FWB/fling being in a relationship with someone else ever made you want them back?

Honestly, has seeing your ex bf/gf/FWB/fling being in a relationship with someone else ever made you want them back?

I'm honestly in a rebound relationship right now because the guy I want to be with (and have had sex with) said he's not ready for a relationship.

Please don't be mean, thx.
  • Yes, seeing them happy in a new relationship made me want them back.
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  • No, seeing them happy in a new relationship DID NOT make me want them back.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Personally, for me the answer would be no. Each time I've seen my ex with someone else, I've always thought "better him than me."

    To each their own, but exes are exes for a reason. The answer to this question depends upon who broke up with who, how long its been after the breakup, your own relationship status, etc...Some are going to get jealous regardless of the situation as well.

    But, a piece of advice, what you're doing isn't going to work. All you're doing is hurting the guy you're rebounding with.

    The guy you want to be with has already slept with you, and now he doesn't want a relationship with you. Getting in a relationship with someone else isn't going to make him wake up and want to be with you...if anything its gonna make him think that you've moved on (which you really should consider doing).


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What Guys Said 2

  • Nope. Would depend on the ex though. One I'd be unhappy seeing in a new relationship just cause I don't think she deserves happiness.

  • No, I'm really happy for them.

    It also encourage me to find a better person than them.


What Girls Said 5

  • If I already wanted them back, a new relationship would amplify that desire. But if I didn't, I probably wouldn't care either way or I would encourage it to get them to leave me alone.

    My most recent ex had a thing for my friend's little sister (who is also sort of my friend) a couple months ago. She Facebooked me asking if it was okay which I thought was sweet of her but I gave her honest permission but she didn't go through with it for some reason. I wish she had. The kid still hates me.

  • No, when I would see an ex with someone else in high school, I felt lonely and jealous that he was happy and with someone and I wasn't. But I didn't want him. Now, I don't care about what my exes are doing. I would never want them back and don't wish ill on them, but I am proactive about blocking them so that they will have no opportunity to contact me whatsoever.

    As for the rebound, I feel for you and I've been there, but please do this guy a favor and break up with him. Wait to date until you find someone you actually want.

  • No, it makes me feel sorry for the person they're with.

  • No, it usually makes me think...oh that poor girl.

  • Nope. Once I dump the bastard it's all over. No looking back. NEVER


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