What can I do to get his attention?

I really like my best guy friend. We text like all the time. But we never see each other in person except for like one second during passing period.. He used to like me but I don't know bout now.. I'm moving over the summer and he's sad he doesn't want to get hurt when I move.. but I want a chance at least. How do I get his attention so that I can at least get a chance?


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  • Simply find time to talk in person. Spend a lot of time with each other before you're going to move. Call him a lot. Hang out together.

    • Yeah.. that's what I thought.. but I don't know if he wants to.. it seems like ever since I told him I am moving (I told him in like September) he's slowly pushed away and distanced himself.. and I don't know I mean thanks :) I'll try!

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