Move in with my aunt? Should I go threw with it?

My aunt asked me to move in with her for some reasons and do you think I should go threw with it? I am only 17 but I feel like I should my mom works out of town a lot and when she's home she only wants to spend it with her husband but they are always together since they work together but I feel the need to have a mother figurer which I never had but I feel like this will tear us apart more but I also feel like she really wouldn't really care or notice that I was gone? So should I stick around or move in with my aunt till I finish high school?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you really feel that you need a motherly figure to shower her love on you, stick around.

    If you're up to reaching your dreams and want to concentrate into your studies, go to your aunt.


What Girls Said 1

  • I say do what your heart tells you as cheesy as it sounds. You can even ask what your mom thinks or tell her how you feel about her spending time with her husband always makes you feel and about your aunt's offer. If you're still unsure about all of that then what's the big deal of trying to stay over there for a week or two to try it out? If it doesn't work out then you know your answer. If you like it better then you know that answer too.


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