Is she cheating on me ?

My girl and I have been dating since we were juniors in high school and stayed together ever since. We broke up probably three times but that was in high school. Right now we don't have any issues but in concerned. She has morning class and I have morning and afternoon classes. We both share a 2 bedroom apartment for when our family visits.

Lately when I leave and come back she's usually there watching TV or doing homework but come home to an empty house. She doesn't work and her friends seem like they're hiding something from me.I Call her and there is no answer the cars gone and when she comes back she immediately takes a shower and sleeps. She tells me whenever I ask I don't want to talk about it. I love this girl to death we only broke up in high school because of stupid arguments we never cheated on each other. We were best friends since freshman year so I know her better than most people. She only cheated once and that was on her boyfriend before me. She cheated on him with me. She complains of leg pains, soreness, stomach pain and feeling light headed. She hasn't been eating much either which is unlike her. Could she be cheating and pregnant?


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  • THe showering immediately on returning home is not a good sign. Especially if she doesn't let you join. As for the other symptoms, maybe. If you think there's even the possibility she's pregnant, I suggest you write down ALL the dates you had sex with her in the past month or so. Also note whether or not you used a condom. Is she on the pill?

    • We always use a condom and she's on the pill. We have sex probably six to eight times a week because she has a high sex drive but with midterms last and this week and studying its been lowered to three times a week.

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    • I also asked her why didn't she tell me about this and she told me she didn't want me to worry about bringing in extra cash or her feeling like I was going to leave her she just wanted me to be happy without worrying. Well she was damn wrong about that .

    • Well, it sounds like this is going to get a whole lot better now, so that's good news. Congrats.

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  • No one could possibly be certain from this if she is cheating on you. Usually your gut is right though.


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  • once a cheater, always a cheater


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