"I need space" Please help girls?

Ok so I've been going out with this girl not too long but long enough to help deep enough feelings for her. Last week she told me she cuts herself and didn't want to tell me that because she though I would judge her (No offence but if you judged someone like that then wow...) She also said to me she has been diagnosed with depression and I think I have it too I don't wanna say to anyone else though, she said there's a bunch of 'chavs' at her school who are pricks to her every now and again and that sometimes causes her to cut, I can't really do much about that because I'm in college (16 years old and she's 14) And don't bother judging me on that... but yeah it was going all good for a few week. She lives in the town next to mine so I have to catch train to see her so I always make sure it's fine for me to see her but sometimes it can be just once a week because she is 'busy' but yeah getting back on topic, we used to say I love you all the time over Skype and Facebook and IRL but since we last met last Wednesday she hasn't said it since, and yesterday she said it's best if we stay friends for a while, I just need space (The dreaded words!) But she said we will get back together eventually she just needs time to sort her head out but I don't know why, I told her I almost committed suicide a few times and I want to talk to her about it but she isn't telling me what's going on but assured me there isn't another guy, does any girls know what's going on taking in to account everything she has said? Sorry it's a bit long :(


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  • First, you're 16 and in college?... uhhh

    Second, when a girl opens up like that to you, just reassure her you will never judge her and you'll always be there. Just listen to her and tell her it'll be okay. Whenever you start saying things about you being depressed and committing suicide it shows her you care more about your old problems than her current ones. You make it like its a competition to be the most depressed and it shouldn't be

    Third, if she is really hurting herself you need to tell her parents. That's really scary and dangerous.


What Guys Said 1

  • I know you're looking for chicks advice but let me tell you something. Almost never take chicks advice, they never know what they want. They may say they "hate jerks" but in reality they will date jerks...plain and simple. My advice for this chick is to get as far away as possible. There is no positive outcome of dating a girl that hurts herself, she will only string you along and then crush your heart. Speaking from personal experience buddy.


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