I'm afraid I slept with him too soon.

I met this guy when out one night about a month ago. We hit it off instantly. We spent the entire night talking and laughing. We exchanged numbers and have been texting and talking everyday since. We have shared a lot of information and have talked about sex and hooking up eventually one day. We met for breakfast one morning and things went great. Then last weekend I asked him to meet for drinks which he did we spent the night flirting and laughing. I feel really comfortable with him and it seems like we known each other longer than we actually have, I guess because we have talked so much about so many things. Long story short we ended up back at my house where we drank a little more and we ended up sleeping together. It felt a little awkward since I was tipsy and a little out of character, you know "liquid confidence". I hate that I did it. I wanted to wait . I mean it was great but the timming was all wrong. So immediatly after I got this weird vibe, it was like he was nervous, unsure of himself. He did stay a few hours longer and then left. He hugged me good-bye but no kiss, he kept lingering hugged me again and drove away.. We have texted each other but not as often as before the hook-up. What should I think? Is he still interested? Does he feel different now that we have slept together? I am not sure how to read this guy? Can any one help me here? I do really like him and want to try to keep him interested. What should I do?


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  • I guarantee you DID NOT sleep with him too soon.

    I would also guarantee he read your body language and reactions to know you weren't completely feeling it to be right. So HE (in my opinion) was thinking you didn't think he was that good or you had better and maybe wishing he was bigger ect.. lol Guys do this self integration with new women. I don't know why.

    I myself know I am good in bed and confident about what God gave me. But still the first time with someone new there is some apprehension, that is until the act is successfully performed. lol

    So I imagine it him that has the fear of the act that is causing the reaction. BUT, it is also up to you to reassure him that you are still interested and want to get to know him better. You can do this without refereeing to that night.. Far as your worries if any the first night sometimes doesn't always go the best but still has the potential. Especially without any whiskey D issues.lol if any?!

    so call him up if you are interested and invite another date!

    Do not put too much thought into that incident !

    • thankyou for the best answer, I'm curious if you two hook up again and how it goes...

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  • It's just things got a little awkward.

    It's clear that he's still interested.

  • If you don't feel good about yourself, you create this negative energy and other people might be able to sense it. If you aren't happy with things now, will you be happy with things in the long-term? If you are in doubt, communicate with him. He can tell you what you need to know.


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  • Some guys genuinely are out there just for the thrill of the chase. If he is one of them (no way to tell based on the info given), then look at it this way-- you're not losing anything it wouldn't be practical to get rid of anyway. I.e. someone who doesn't want to be in a relationship with you.

    If he's interested, he'll continue to contact you. If he's not, oh well. You had fun, the sex was good and it was an enjoyable experience overall.

    The hugging but no kiss- if you normally kiss, then it's a sign of disinterest/detachment or nervousness. Some guys are naturally confused about how to act the morning after and things just end up being awkward (which causes the behavior change). Either way, I wouldn't dwell too much on it. Either he's still interested or he's not.

    If this guy isn't looking for a relationship, nothing you do will interest him in one. So be happy- the pressure's off you.

    If you're looking for a relationship & he isn't, it'd never work out (no matter how much you like him). It sounds like you may be more attracted to him than he is to you; just be careful as if this is the case (and he's not looking for a relationship) it might turn into a booty-call situation.


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