Would this be to mean to send to him?

I'm fed up with my ex boyfriend, he hurt me several times after our breakup. I won't go to into it but, he'd keep saying and acting like he wanted to get back with me but then he'd start dating another girl while telling me all this crap.

I cut him out of my life for several months but then he started to contact me again. He apologized for everything and we were being friendly but then he started saying things like how he wished things were different and thinks how things could have been between us. He'd tell me how he's unhappy with his girlfriend and different things like that.

I don't want to be hurt anymore by him so I want to send him something that will hopefully get him to leave me alone for good.

I want to get to the point without me having to put a bunch of my emotions out there but, is it a bit to mean? This is how I feel about everything.

"You should lose my number, we're not friends and we never will be. I never understood why you started talking to me again in the first place, it's not like you ever gave a sh*t about me. So quit pretending to and lets just go on in our lives."


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  • Delete his # and block it from your cell. Remove him from your social sites and block him.

    • I've tried that it doesn't stop him.

    • Then you tell him that the next time he contacts you, you'll go to the police and file a restraining order.

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  • That's not really mean. That will do a great job at let him realizing how you detest his actions towards you.


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  • if you honestly have no happy frelings or thoughts of someday getting back, then send it. if you do and end it you will have aweful "what if"s running round your head (I did something similar with my ex). I think having the courage to xome out and say what you think makea you feel stronger and in control...just don't be fishing for an answer back.

  • Um no. You sound like a spiteful jealous little thing saying stuff like that. This was someone you cared about, why not treat him with empathy, even if he didn't always treat you with it. Just simply say, "I would appreciate it if you would quit calling me so that we can both move on with things. I wish you the best of luck" Take the high road.

    • Jealous of what? I'm fed up with him playing these games. I don't see how it's spiteful either, he's playing with my emotions and has been, I'm just telling him I've had enough. If he ever actually cared about me then he wouldn't be doing this to me. I took the high road last time and he still came back doing the same damn thing. I don't want him coming back to do it all over again.

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