Old feelings are haunting me:(

Long story short, I have an incredible boyfriend, the "perfect" guy, honestly. I have been with him for a bit over a year now.

However, there is this guy, that I barely know, which I've had a crush on for he last 5 years.. I cannot get him out of my head.. He has a girlfriend at the moment too, and I have a sliiight feeling that he may be into me too. but I know we would be a wreck, we are pretty darn different.

its unfair to my boyfriend, and these thoughts torture me.. I have already told him about this and he was perfectly understanding and trying to be helpful and not pushing me into anything, just telling me to do what would make me happy. he is really perfect..

we are currently on a break because I needed to see how I would feel without him (because I was so in loooovee with my ex, but 2 weeks after we broke up I realized how little I actually liked him). I wanna see if I will be able to stand being without him.

I don't want to hurt him. and I realize I am being REALLy stupid - barely even knowing the guy. we have only exchanged a few sentances before, I never talk to him now as I have no reason or occasion, we are so different. but my heart friggin stops when I pass by him.

what now..?


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  • It seems that you can't be with your ex, but you also can't be the person you like. How is your ex going to feel about supporting you all this time, only for you to go off chasing the person you like? I don't know what to tell you about your ex, and it is really strange that you "temporarily" broke up with him, but whatever you do, be careful. You don't want to hurt your ex.

    Although you can't date your ex out of pity, you can't get together with the person you like. Just because you suspect he may like you does not mean that it is true. Even if he does, don't try to get him to act on his impulses, because that would really mess up the relationship he is in now. If your ex wants you to be happy, then he will understand it if you don't like him anymore.

    Why did you say that you have the "perfect" boyfriend, only to say that you don't love him anymore?

    Be careful about going back and forth in relationships and second-guessing yourself. How would you feel if, when you were dating the guy you liked, he kept eyeing other girls? How would you feel if he wasn't 100% committed with you? You may have to hold off on you're feelings, because the guy you like is already in a relationship.

  • You're just infatuated with that I-barely-know guy.

    You simply have to be with your incredible boyfriend. Give your relationship your all.


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