Lingering feelings, friendly gesture, or guilt?

My ex from a short term relationship and I (2+ weeks split) are still chatting a little. Via FB.. We went through ugly emotional texts for a week, and a week of limited contact-no contact. She lurked my FB and sent a message, which turned into friendly messages, playful with a couple inuendos and then the "see you around" "ttyl" "I'm always here" ... confused if she still has feelings .. she went back to her ex and I can't be sure but it seems she may be regretting it. Can't tell but if the signal is I should fight I don't want to play games and ignore her but don't want to push either. Any advice (especially female viewpoints) would be helpful..


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  • I never trust people who always keep flirting or in contact with someone when they're actually in a relationship.

    This is the kind of people who will never be alone, because they can't or don't want to. Even if she's not happy, she'll hold on until the new guy comes along...

    Still, if you're interested in a relationship with her, the easiest approach is to just ask. Unless you're interested in becoming the lover...

  • I think, for now, she just wants some attention. If it doesn't hurt you too much, be friendly with her but don't go overboard and plan your schedule around her.

    If she really wants you, we will break from the guy she's with and reconnect with you or hint that she's available.

    • I agree with the first part, I'm questioning why she wants the attention. She knows I didn't want it to end. The 2nd part I don't know that it's that simple. She is the type like many who need to have a back up before she will move on... and I also think she is embarrassed to admit she might have made the wrong choice..

      It's probably an important detail that the ex she went back to cheated twice in the past , and me and her were smitten (so I thought) .. I think she's having 2nd thoughts?

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    • Any support from her circle (obvious reasons) for her decision and in general is behaving as though she is embarrassed almost. And I think its that embarrassment that will keep her form outright coming back to me... do you think just chilling out would send a clear enough message that I would be willing to give it another try? if or when she does want to

    • Yes. If she's not "brave" enough, her circle will do something or another. I have a gut feeling tat right now she genuinely likes her ex more than you.

      You may just be a backup. Just wait.

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