Why is my ex doing this? Please give me advise

I broke up with my ex in January after a huge row. We always had fights before, mostly because I never felt appreciated and he was inconsiderate. We said our goodbyes, and I left it at that. A few days later I recieved drunken phones calls, I know this because it was 3 am. I did not answer. I received a text the next day saying - it would never happen again. 5 weeks into no contact, I receive a text from him being really angry, and upset. He was confused why I never text to find out was he OK etc.. We sorted everything out and I thought that would be it. He said we could still be friends, I explained that I couldn't be friends because I still missed him and had feelings for him so that wouldn't be a great idea. 3 days later.. He texts me again! Since the first conversation I'm finding it very hard to sleep, like I did when we first broke up. Sometimes I do regret my decision. I miss him but I don't miss our relationship. Something's that happened cannot be taken back :( . Do you think he doesn't want me to forget him? Or does he not want to let me go? We were together for over a year, we had a very bumpy road! When I see his name pop up on the phone, it feels like my heart skips a beat. :(


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  • Yes, he still doesn't want you to forget him, and he really regret letting you go.

    Though, you should settle for a friendship if you're uncomfortable of having a relationship with him again.

    • But I can't settle for a friendship because I still love him. And if either of us meet someone new, it will hurt the other :(

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