My ex ended our 3 year relationship as he wants to be on his own yet still texts me & now has a new girlfriend

My ex ended our 3 year relationship saying he wanted to be on his own & felt like the relationship wasn't working any more although he still loves me. I didn't contact him for a while then he started texting me. I initially wanted to be friends as I didn't want the 3 years to be in vain. Recently I found out he was texting a girl 2 weeks after we split up and is now in a relationship with her (weve been split up 2 months). He still texts me when he likes to tell me things that are going on in his life and came to see me the other day to get his stuff back yet he didn't take any of his stuff and said he actually just wanted to see me. he's now been texting asking to get his stuff yet when I offer to leave it somewhere for him to get (so I don't have to see him) he says no I'm not in a rush ill come and get it when you're not busy. I still love him but I want to move on, I thought I was going to marry him and I was doing well until he started contacting me. I feel like he doesn't want me to move on and forget him but he's already moved on. He hasn't been single and moved on quick from his ex girlfriend to me so in a way I'm not surprised but I thought that maybe what we had meant more to him than to be able to replace me so quickly. Any advice? I'm so sick of this feeling I just want to move on but I'm so confused.


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  • move on he's a d***... I sorry but he already found a new girl? obviously he was looking before you 2 broke up... I would burn his sh*t and tell him to shove it... its so easy for you to find a better guy! go look for one, I bet it would only take 30 min till you found one hahah good luck!


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  • I feel like that was me writing that question. What ever you said is word to word what happened with me..

    I mean trust me everything . just the way you said it. Well in my case I found out about the new girl 4 months later. After he had sex with me and I was hoping things will get better. BUT NO. I just let myself be used. They will keep leading us on.. I completely blocked him off my life. Fb /gtalk/skype etc everything literally. And deleted his number. And I am moving on. Trust me he will come back only for attention. But its not worth it. It will just hurt you. like it hurt me.Please just move on. because that's what I am doing too


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